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Simply provide us with your property address and our proprietary algorithms utilize sales price history and other trend data to determine your home's values.

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Our pricing engine allows you to compare multiple property value estimates in one place, including homes that have sold nearby. See how your home stacks up!

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Monitor how your tax and sales history has fluctuated over the years and what that means for today's market.

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Access accurate and timely data like how much homes are selling for, and how long they’re on the market.

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If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines in today’s red hot real estate market, now is the time to get in the game. Our instant home value tools give you the advantage of data-informed decision-making so you can sell your home for more money. Get the insider’s edge with Realty.com!

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Realty.com offers some of the most comprehensive home value tools on the market. However, we know that no calculator can replace a local expert. So you'll also be quickly matched with one of our exclusive Realty.com agents who will provide you with ALL of the options available to you to maximize your property sale, get you the best purchase price, and guide you in your real estate journey!